About us

Chase and Amanda Singleton 

Chase and Amanda live in Kodak, TN with their two wonderful children, Maddux age 6, and Liam age 2. Chase works at a local resort as an executive, is a part time police officer, and coaches Maddux’s baseball team. Amanda holds down the fort at home as the Singleton household Director of Operations, prior Amanda spent 20 years in the aquatics industry teaching swim lessons, CPR courses, and lifeguard courses. This business was started when the Singleton family was at the beach and wanted to have a “date night,” but no trusted options existed. We set out to become the trusted option you, the vacationer, called on for date night, weddings, theme park visits, holiday parties, and more. Thank you for allowing us to provide peace of mind when you’re away from home.

A few things we’re great at

There’s nothing more important than your family. Our goal is to provide your children with a safe and fun experience when you have plans that can’t include them. 

Entertaining your Kiddos

You’re having fun and so should your little ones! Let us do the entertaining while you’re away.


As parents, we take the care and safety of your children very seriously.  Know that our staff is well-vetted and well-trained.


Relax and enjoy a little kid-free time during your next family vacation without the worry. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We recently visited the Smokies and wanted to go out on the town to dinner with just my husband. Amanda came out to our cabin and watched our six year old. She was on time, personable and he still talks about the games she played!

Tori M.

Destination Nanny sent a sitter out to tag along with us to Dollywood. We took our three grandkids with us and the smallest one could not ride. Our sitter stayed with our four year old and they had a blast! We will use your services again.

Karen E.

My husband and I brought our three year old on our ski trip. She wasn’t much into skiing so we used Sarah from Destination Nanny to stay at our hotel with our daughter. She had a bag full of crafts and games. She arrived on time, was professional and gave us a full run down of their day! Thank you!

Sydney M.

We headed to the Smokies for my cousins wedding. At the wedding they offered child care. Being a first mom I was hesitant but I turned over our son to the care of Amanda and Sarah and quickly found I had nothing to worry about. I came to peek in and found him laughing and happy! You could see that they enjoyed what they did. Even with having six kids in there, I never felt there was a lack of attention given. Awesome work.

Haley K.


Please note that:

All sits will be charged a four-hour minimum
Purchaser may be responsible for additional fees such as parking or extended mileage
If you have 5 or more children, please call (865) 567-8851 for a custom quote. 
All nanny venue deployments (weddings, company retreats, parties, etc.) will require a consultation with a nanny advisor.

One Child


Between 0000-0800 +$5 per Hour

 In excess of 8 hours +$10 per Hour



Between 0000-0800 +$5 per Hour

 In excess of 8 hours +$10 per Hour



Between 0000-0800 +$5 per Hour

In excess of 8 hours +$10 per Hour



Between 0000-0800 +$5 per Hour

 In excess of 8 hours +$10 per Hour

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